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increase employees loyalty and customer retention with an exceptional workplace

We are deeply convinced that providing a pleasant workplace that promotes ethical behavior, animal welfare and sustainable development is essential to strengthening employees' commitment to their work and their company. 

Similarly, customers who attend meetings in such positive environments are more likely to engage with such a company than with others that don't promote these values.


Hei's series of fine art photographs below conveys these values and emotions for a better workplace, while sharing most of its profits with climate change and animal protection NGOs.

View from the shop.jpg
Workers for Canva.png

born to work

Carbon Landes 1.jpg

light my fire

Feeling Alone Def+-1.jpg
Walking on the safe side.jpg
Humans 2.jpg


Title - Save the - 1.png
Title - animals - 2.png

our last chance

1. Chasing the food.JPG
Natural beach.jpg
Title - New World Land.png

this is where we live, this is what we built

Title - No kidding 2.png


1.Let the children play.jpg
Eiffel Tower
GP F1 Monaco 82-83017.jpg

a different perspective


heavily demanded

1.Meli Melo S.JPG
Title - Racers.png

a competitive life

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