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Title - New World Land.png
A beach full of umbrellas
natural beach, naturally
NewWoldLand is a caustic compendium of our existence and environment. Humor is omnipresent and welcome, as it creates a saving distance from reality.

Built on a lighter artistic and aesthetic base than the other series, NewWorldLand takes us in all directions of our daily lives. It's a skilful blend of our unconscious attitudes and the constant questioning of our life experiences.

Deeply humanistic, Hei's works strive to promote human relations, tolerance and diversity, and to denounce the rise of autocracies, racism and indifference to the idiocratic evolution of our society.
A truck running at Monument Valley
few million years after
An old and destroyed castle at the top of a hill in Morocco
ghost castle
Tourists and a homeless sleeping
A man typing on his phone during his wedding
I've got a message
The Discovered monument of Lisbon
discovered - the bloody beginning of the end
Smoke from 3 chimneys in the desert
we've got signals
Stokholm's Fritt Fall Tilt
playing games
A lotery stand plenty of stuff
A woman dressed with black & white lines
border lines
A man looking at a supercar in front of a beauty shop
looks good
A monument in Nice with a ship in the background
the big jump
An old man in his house built in the rocks
home sweet home
A woman driving a Ferrari
gentlewoman driver
An excavator picking up salt
white mountain
Insane, a crazy roller coaster of Stockholm
funny life
A tall building decorated with a photo of Maradona
Tattooed plastic models
real fakes
3. Cash is god.JPG
cash is god
A woman warming up her horse before the run
not concerned
A funny sculpture from the middle age
A husband looking in the air during his wedding
still no rain
a couple seated looking at London
the wolf and the lamb debating about moving to London after Brexit
A plastic mannequin with tattoos
Rocco co
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