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HEi's works cannot be boxed into a single style. His curiosity drove him across all types of photography, format, medium and experiences. 

His current work focuses on nature as source of emotions and contemplation: Deeply humanistic, his works address the environmental issue head on, but not only. Hei's photographs also illustrate with humor and beauty the many issues our world is currently facing including poverty, climate change, social inequality and tourism consequences.

Hei's mission is dedicated to promote a positive attitude among employees by displaying emotionally strong and beautiful images in company's premises. 

By surrounding offices with positive emotions and fine art photographs for the good, employees and management develop a strong commitment to your company and improve the overall quality of relationships. 

Deeply humanistic, Hei's works strive to promote human relations, tolerance and diversity, and to denounce the rise of autocracies, racism and indifference to the idiocratic evolution of our society.

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