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Hei! hei.guangdeng

Fine Art photography
for the good

HEi's work cannot be boxed into a single style. His curiosity drove him across all types of photography, format, support and experiences. 

His current work focuses on Nature as source of emotions and contemplation: Deeply humanistic, his works address the environmental issue head on, but not only. They also illustrate with humor and cynicism the basic issues of women's rights, war, the rise of autocracies and racism.

Each work is made of a very high quality & large scale archive print, beautifully framed, dated and digitally signed by Hei as a single Edition (+1 AP). A corresponding NFT is available on request.


Each unique edition forms part of a dedicated series made of around 20-30 works.

Some of the photographs are associated with some music. One will say it corresponds to the time needed to feel the image.

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