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Nelson Piquet on his Brabham F1 and René Arnoux on his Ferrari F1 at Monaco GP 1982
fighting in the streets
The racers series is the origin of Hei's photographic art. From the late 70s to the late 80s, Hei worked in racing environments, whether in Formula 1 or Moto GP.
His artistic approach to photography led to a different style of race reportage, capturing unconventional images and surprising moments.

With hindsight, these images could today be considered works of art, delighting fans of that "hard" racing era.
Michele Alboreto on his Tyrrell F1 at Monaco GP 1982
rainy race
Jacques Laffite on Ligier Talbot at Monaco F1 GP 83
Laffite with the Ligier Talbot
Lotus F1 mechanical engineers at Monaco GP 83
Renault Gordini in Lotus 83
Barry Sheene on his Suzuki at French GP 1978
speed racer
Giacomo Agostini racing with his Yamaha
Ago "fond filé"
A Moto GP running fast in a curve
"fond filé" 
Kenny Roberts and Pat Hennen in a motorcycle race
Kenny & Pat
Barry Ditchburn at full speed with a Marlboro billboard in the background
not very healthy
Agostini on the grid with fans
Ago superstar
Barry sheene smoking on the grid
getting in shape before the start
Patrick Pons, Choukroun, Baldé, Estrosi
Agostini preparing for the start
time to go
Chroukroun pushing his Yamaha
Choukroun starting the beast
Jonnhy Cecotto on the grid with his Yamaha
Jonnhy Cecotto
Police and photographers during the awards ceremony
moment of glory
2 racing horse heads following 2 horse jokeys during a horse race
feel the breath
Horse race
flying horses (2)
A horse driver
this is not a policeman
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