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A crocodile head jumping out of water
The "Save the animals" series is a collection of animals photographs in their natural environment sometimes locked up in dramatic situations.

The series plays with the contrast between freedom and the absence of freedom, with a touch of modern art.

Humans are generally not educated to consider animals as entities living in our world, but still seen as food resources, external to the environment, without considering the opposite as an option.

From there, any (dramatic) action will continue.
A deer in a field
I had a dream
A crocodile jumping out of water
help! (2)
A mountain lion in a store
2 black birds flying in the Niagara falls
flying in the falls
a white bird flying with a black mountain background
flying on the water
a bull's head with its horn and an id tag attached to its ear
A crocodile refreshing itself
2 white birds on a tree without leaves in Costa Rica
good morning Costa Rica
Birds at Salin de Giraud, France with a salt hill
a salty break
A large number of ducks on a lake
family trip
napping seals and sea lions sleeping
mutual control
napping seals and sea lions sleeping
a tired generation
White birds flying in a dark sky
storm's coming
a pelican about to dive
fishing for food
a large black eagle in a cage
A goelan in full flight in the harbor
Two magpies on a donkey's back
control tower
A crocodile swimming in the river
wave machine
Crocodile babies
luxury raw material
Leave me alone.JPG
A large bird flying in the sky
dream flight
leave me alone
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