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Humans 2.jpg
A crowd of connoisseurs
a crowd of connoisseurs
Hei's Humans series is a representation of our contemporary lives through our encounters, travels and multicultural experiences.

In the form of a series of fine art photographs, humans illustrates snapshots of human life associated with artistic aestheticism and benevolence.

Deeply humanistic, the humans series also tries to illustrate with humor and sometimes with sarcasm, human relationships, the need for tolerance, diversity and racism.

A diversified crowd of spectators
A person taking some rest
sunday afternoon in Paris
Friends enjoying Paris
Tourists in Prague
community of view
2 women drawing
fans of art
A few people at the beach
A kid running on the beach with car traces
run & trace
A paraglider at Dune du Pilat
dry-run 3
A man walking aside to big rocks
rock solid
Old man in Morocco
un certain regard
A young girl looking at a wall paint of Miles Davis
Mile's away
A woman in the Palacio da penana,
que pena en el palacio
A crowded beach in Nice
sunday afternoon in Nice
A woment with a humbrella at Niagara falls
sunny day
Alpinists climbing the Mont Blanc
climbing the giants
A bedouin in the desert
walking on the wild side
A main doing exercices in the desert
fun in the desert
A cowboy smoking at monument valley
nice place for a smoke
A woman running in a scary place
running into problems
A man taking a photograph of a mountain and a man just looking at it
take it or see it
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