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Notes on the Series

Each series is a story by itself, which makes the works unique. Deeply humanistic, Hei's series address the environmental issue head on, but not only. They also illustrate with humor and beauty the fundamental issues of inequality, consumer society, the rise of autocracies and racism.


Workers deals with our daily life and work. The series illustrates workers in different situations through an original point of view, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes just the reality.

It is about people we meet at every moment, in their invisible beauty and environment. 

This series is a call to respect.

Carbon Land(es)

Feeling Alone Def+-1.jpg

The series Carbon Land(es) follows the fires that happened during the summer of 2022 in the Landes in France.


As such, it's a continuation of the series Escape the Land and Humans vs. Nature.


Pursuing an aesthetic objective mixed with sadness, the series is a testimonial of the beauty of the forest, although burned, and the tremendous resilience of our mother nature.

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